Tom’s Ford: Dealer Ads That Don’t Suck


Tom's Ford - Dealership Campaigns Car dealers are notorious for having some pretty uninspiring commercials and social content. But what if we could create a campaign that was creative, eye-catching, and for a reasonable budget? Something that put the dealer in a new light with high-level branding and quality. [...]

Spirent: Epic White Paper Videos


Spirent Communications White Paper Video Shorts There’s nothing sexy about a scientific white paper. So when global telecom testing company, Spirent Communications, wanted a cost-effective way to get industry pros to download theirs, they turned to Refresh Advertising. We teamed up with our friends at Silver Style to create [...]

Investor’s Bank/Source: Connecting Phil & Boomer with the Green Team


Investor's Bank/Source: Phil & Boomer Campaign Through our relationship with Source Communications (the AOR for Investors Bank) we had the privilege of teaming up on a variety of projects including the concepting and writing of these two great TV spots (“Connect with the Pros” and “Every Step of the [...]

St. Thomas Aquinas College: 360° Experience


Visit STAC from anywhere in the world with this 360° Virtual Tour. For this project we created a branded, menu-style homepage that pulled in their school colors, icons, imagery, and stats to create a space that was both unique to them and easy to navigate. We then brought key [...]

Bell Works: Branded VR / 360º Demo


Bell Works Branded VR Demo Something that’s typically overlooked in the VR experience is the homepage. In addition to 360° photos, videos, and tours, we knew we could use our eye for branding and design to help elevate the experience for our clients. For this quick tour of Bell [...]

Verizon / BNO: Verizon Talent Acquisition Social Media


Verizon / BNO: Verizon Talent Acquisition Social Media (Paid and Organic) Working hand in hand with Baldwin and Obenauf (BNO), the Verizon Talent Acquisition Team’s agency of record, we were able to strategize and implement a multi-platform social strategy that helped re-engage existing employees and increase the flow of [...]

FiberTechs: Better Website, Better Connections


FiberTechs When FiberTechs first began servicing the telecommunications industry, we were all still using dial up. Now as a leading fiber optics contractor they needed a web presence that was modern, clean, and as professional as they had now become. The challenge to this site was that our team [...]

Century 21: VR Branded Sales Demo


Century 21 VR Demo When we wanted to showcase our branded VR experiences for commercial and residential real estate agencies and their builder/owner customers, our past work with CENTURY 21 made them a top choice. They had recently undergone a brand overhaul so using their new fonts, colors, and [...]