Tom’s Ford: Dealer Ads That Don’t Suck


Tom's Ford - Dealership Campaigns Car dealers are notorious for having some pretty uninspiring commercials and social content. But what if we could create a campaign that was creative, eye-catching, and for a reasonable budget? Something that put the dealer in a new light with high-level branding and quality. [...]

Spirent: Epic White Paper Videos


Spirent Communications White Paper Video Shorts There’s nothing sexy about a scientific white paper. So when global telecom testing company, Spirent Communications, wanted a cost-effective way to get industry pros to download theirs, they turned to Refresh Advertising. We teamed up with our friends at Silver Style to create [...]

Lion VR Showroom


Lion Brand Yarn VR Showroom Lion Brand Yarn has been a leader in the crafting industry since 1878. In tandem with the launch of their new re-brand, they were looking for an innovative way to showcase their latest lineup of products. We worked with their internal team to design [...]

St. Thomas Aquinas College: 360° Experience


Visit STAC from anywhere in the world with this 360° Virtual Tour. For this project we created a branded, menu-style homepage that pulled in their school colors, icons, imagery, and stats to create a space that was both unique to them and easy to navigate. We then brought key [...]

Investor’s Bank/Source: Connecting Phil & Boomer with the Green Team


Investor's Bank/Source: Phil & Boomer Campaign Through our relationship with Source Communications (the AOR for Investors Bank) we had the privilege of teaming up on a variety of projects including the concepting and writing of these two great TV spots (“Connect with the Pros” and “Every Step of the [...]

Bell Works: Branded VR / 360º Demo


Bell Works Branded VR Demo Something that’s typically overlooked in the VR experience is the homepage. In addition to 360° photos, videos, and tours, we knew we could use our eye for branding and design to help elevate the experience for our clients. For this quick tour of Bell [...]

FiberTechs: Better Website, Better Connections


FiberTechs When FiberTechs first began servicing the telecommunications industry, we were all still using dial up. Now as a leading fiber optics contractor they needed a web presence that was modern, clean, and as professional as they had now become. The challenge to this site was that our team [...]

Prep Right CBD: 2020 Election CBD Gummy Bears


Prep Right CBD - 2020 Election Gummies Campaign Prior to 2020 going to hell in a handbasket, Refresh created a suite of creative materials to help launch and promote the sale of PrepRight CBD 2020 election gummies. The year, and the press around the election didn’t exactly go as [...]

Century 21: VR Branded Sales Demo


Century 21 VR Demo When we wanted to showcase our branded VR experiences for commercial and residential real estate agencies and their builder/owner customers, our past work with CENTURY 21 made them a top choice. They had recently undergone a brand overhaul so using their new fonts, colors, and [...]

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