St. Thomas Aquinas College: 360° Experience


Visit STAC from anywhere in the world with this 360° Virtual Tour. For this project we created a branded, menu-style homepage that pulled in their school colors, icons, imagery, and stats to create a space that was both unique to them and easy to navigate. We then brought key [...]

Bell Works: Branded VR / 360º Demo


Bell Works Branded VR Demo Something that’s typically overlooked in the VR experience is the homepage. In addition to 360° photos, videos, and tours, we knew we could use our eye for branding and design to help elevate the experience for our clients. For this quick tour of Bell [...]

Century 21: VR Branded Sales Demo


Century 21 VR Demo When we wanted to showcase our branded VR experiences for commercial and residential real estate agencies and their builder/owner customers, our past work with CENTURY 21 made them a top choice. They had recently undergone a brand overhaul so using their new fonts, colors, and [...]

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