Project Description

Prep Right CBD – 2020 Election Gummies Campaign

Prior to 2020 going to hell in a handbasket, Refresh created a suite of creative materials to help launch and promote the sale of PrepRight CBD 2020 election gummies. The year, and the press around the election didn’t exactly go as planned and the product was ultimately discontinued, but we still loved the work that went into the launch. Starting with little more than a name and concept of red vs. blue CBD gummies, we created the look of the brand, the packaging, e-commerce landing page, social content, a funny promotional video, even custom mascot costumes!

About Refresh Advertising:

Refresh is a top NJ creative advertising agency specializing in content creation and brand storytelling. We combine creative ideas, expert copywriting, and innovative graphic design techniques with the latest technology to create impactful campaigns. In addition to traditional advertising capabilities our in-house production arm, Refresh VR, lets us create immersive advertising experiences with expert 360° photography and video. With these tools we can tackle everything from corporate Google Maps showcases and real estate tours, to immersive 360 brand content and Virtual Reality (VR) advertising for use in headsets like the Oculus Quest and Go. Our 360° content can also be used on YouTube, Facebook, and company websites. Refresh Advertising is centrally located in Holmdel, New Jersey about an hour from both New York City, NY and Philadelphia.